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Comments (32)

Well i'm interested in the Jessica route

Will you add Stacy?

Of course!

I'm interested in the Beth and Summer route strangely enough. I'm not usually into the incest scene

Huh, I didn't think I had added enough in those routes for them to be interesting. I'm glad it has peeked your interest though.

The mom >.>

Damn, I was hoping you'd say Jerry...

Tricia and Jessica

I am most interested in the Beth route

Well that was interesting, and odd, but good. Anxious for more :D

What do you think when you will release the next version, i really like that game so far.
Keep up the good work!

Would love to see more of Beth and Jessica please.

Will do.

Also, whenever this game is finished, you should release it on steam. Would totally love to buy a full version for my desktop.

The game is always gonna be free, so I doubt I'll ever put it on steam. If you really want to support the development, just support me on patreon.

Tricia would be interesting if you turned it into a full slave deal where you could literally do anything to her.

Can't wait for the full game

love to explore beths story line, btw whens the next update?

In a couple of weeks.

Only a couple of weeks for an update?!?!?! Im hoping everything works out for you. Love the game so far, I am very excited to see where Beth's story goes hehehe. Oh and btw the save feature doesnt work for me when i downloaded it.

you complectly ignored Morticia, you should do more on that, also I want to see more Jessica

I'm actually interested in the morticia route. considering sheshould as perverted as morty is, same person and all, I wouldn't be surprised if they screwed day 1 lol

When (roughly) is the next update gonna be?

2 patches have been released since my last upload but I've been working on splitting the game up into scenes in order to upload it on here. I should be ready within a day or two.

Bro when will u start SQ ch. 11

I want to release a couple of patches in my Rick and Morty game before I continue working on SQ. The game is very new and needs a lot of improvement.

I'm interested in the Beth and Tricia Routes, also you should make this a free download once it is completely finished on your Patreon and with a save option. :)

The pc version is free on my blog, the save works there. You're always welcome to download it.

So i have downloaded it from your blog post, and i go to give Jessica the Pen "gift" and that comes up with the Ferdafs logo and name what do i do so i can continue that route for Tricia??

I'm not really sure I understand... Check out this video, maybe it'll help.

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