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can i play my saved status on the new updates

Yep, just make sure you press on continue.

Are Keara and Stacy in the game yet? I haven't seen any of them and want to make sure I'm not missing anything! Love the game!

@AlbanerZockt @Ferdafs ok thx and how muc patches are coming

@AlbanerZockt @Ferdafs ok thx and how muc patches are coming

when downloaded the patch. all I got was november's patch, i never got to play the december one. im stuck on the same patch

i already met unity on the 1.6.0 version , it says in the quests , "go meet unity" what now ?

If I played the last version on newgrounds, how do I get my save into your .exe?

So, when are we getting newgrounds web versions again? i mean, i'm happy you're updating, but some of us don't want to download files to our pc's, some because they share pc's, some because they don't trust the downloadable files etc.

So please, when you decide to read this comment, please at least consider returning to uploading newgrounds web versions for some of us who can't download the files for their own reasons.

I can't download the game, is there another place I can play?

Actually How Much Time it will Require to Develop the Whole Game?
Its good but im really missing Summoner.
Keep Up The Good Work

What about for those of us who have Linux

How. Do we. Move our. Old. Save. To. A. New. Patch

The saves on PC and Mac move automatically. You just have to click on "Continue" once you download the new patch.

This game is good but,what will happen with summoner quest? i miss it :c

Love your games buddy, although I'm still eagerly awaiting another chapter of Summoner's Quest or on Overwatch games. Planning to do any of these anymore?

The quests menu say to message Tricia and to meet with Unity but I can't do either of those things, is there something else I need to do first?

i downloaded the game like last month sometime im not sure how to download the new update im new to the pc life could you help me out? anyways the game is awesome and the animations are gnarly keep up the great work man

when is the next update?

When is v1.7.0 coming out?

next update ?

how do i pass the quest after meeting with unity

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