News Summoner's Quest ch.9.7 OUT! 20.11.2017

2017-11-19 23:24:32 by Ferdafs

Hey everyone! Summoner's quest 9.7 HD is out on Patreon! I'm currently compiling the game for the web version and I'll upload it here very soon as well! I'll also post a mobile version on patreon, so if you're an android user and supporter, you can play it on your phone! Huzzah for mobile porn! (well, not really…It’s something though?) A link for the free web version download will also be available there for everyone. So, if you have a website with games or w.e. You can upload it there and more people can play the game for free! Yey for free games! (Just make sure you don’t forget me and that you mention me!) Anyway, thank you all for your support and patience. I really hope you enjoy the game!

P.S As you may or may not know, while working on Summoner’s Quest, I’ve also been working on some side project. A Rick and Morty, Overwatch Mercy and Addams family game. I’m really excited to work on these projects because I’ll try something new with them and hopefully you’ll like it! 



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2017-11-19 23:34:08

God Awakens saying that our prayers Were Answered and the Rain will Come, All Hail lord ferdafs

Ferdafs responds: Enjoy!


2017-11-19 23:43:55

Yes! How long til is up on the web?

Ferdafs responds: It's gonna take a while until it gets approved but here's the link!


2017-11-21 02:14:35

I wish i can play it on my phone but I need to donate to play it I guess

Ferdafs responds:

I might make it available for the public in the future. But right now, I have to provide my patrons with any kind of special benefits I can. Without them the games wouldn't even be possible.