Developers update: Rick and Morty (fan game) / Summoner's Quest ch.10

2018-02-17 18:04:57 by Ferdafs

Hello everyone!

Here's the first scene from our new upcoming Rick and Morty game! As you all may or may not know, this game will be different from all my previous games so far. You as Morty will be able to explore the town, meet some of its residence and form relationships in it. The game will obviously be too big to post all at once, so I'll post the game in it's alpha phase and improve it over time.


Here is a sneak peek of all the complete models from the game.


I've also been working actively on Summoner's Quest ch.10! I don't like giving release dates but, if everything goes according to schedule, the game should be released by the end of the month! Feel free to tell me who you think the next champion will be, I'm curious whether anyone of you can predict it!

Thank you all for your support, stay awesome!


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2018-02-17 23:35:46

Seems good! Keep up the great work. I'll wait for SQ10 :)


2018-02-18 16:30:43

far out can,t wait tell it comes out when is it going be out


2018-02-20 10:13:31

Could You maybe tell us where the champion Comes from ?
I mean from valoran, ionia etc?
That would be a little hint for us to imagine what we will get
I hope You could tell us good job and great Work so far


2018-02-21 21:58:35

i guess lux


i hope it's not jayce or urgot..

and god, don't turn teemo into a girl, pls :c


2018-02-22 17:01:16

Nice. A Rick and Morty game. Can't wait. They still owe me my sauce. Soon as they see me they will be in a pickle. As for Summoner's Quest, I think the champion is going to be the lady that saved Summoner from those thugs or Tai from Tai's Quest. Also when is the next Widowmaker/Mercy games coming out?


2018-02-26 15:19:20

Maybe its Miss Fortune


2018-02-28 09:51:48

Probably someone from Zaun given whats happening, so Janna?