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Rick and Morty - a way back home v1_5_0 November update is now live!

Posted by Ferdafs - November 3rd, 2018

Hello everyone! The pc version of patch 1_5_0 is now available for download on MY BLOG HERE!

Verision 1_6_0 is out as well but for now it's Patreon only and will be available in a few weeks.

-Beth event in the night

-A very long Tricia event through which you meet Stacy. (She’ll be added as a datable character next patch)

-Morticia midnight Truth or dare event

-Second Unity event.

The Morticia Truth or Dare event is a bit more special since it’s going to expand with every patch. The more you dare each other the “harder” the dares get for both of you. In the future you’ll unlock more dares by daring her more.

Probably obvious at this point but Keara is coming up next patch, with special Halloween event routes.

“Confident potion Morty” is also a new addition to the game now, in the future you’ll be able to buy more “Confidence potion” from Rick and with it have entirely different interactions with the girls.

Some changes I’ve made are:

-Rick animation improvements

-Beth nude model (will be used more in the future)

-Couple of bug fixes mentioned in the previous patches and etc.


I'm stop development for the web version since the game has become over 200mb+ and it would be absurd to upload a game like that online. However if you guys wish, I could do the old Summoner's Quest approach and each patch just add the new content only. Comment if you'd like me to do that. Hope you enjoy the patch, see you guys soon!


Comments (15)

it would be nice if u did the old summoner quest approach, i am a mac user and maybe im just dumb but i cant figure out how to run the R&M files so kinda a let down if u get rid of them here

might do both but put a link on your pateron page or something I happened to find this while looking for update news but I know a lot of people won't

Im a simple man, I hear Summoners Quest, I want it. No in all honesty please do that, I loved SR stuff <3

Seeing Stacy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

yeah, please upload each patch individually.

I, too, am a mac user. If you could continue to upload updates to newgrounds, or make a mac compatible download (whichever is easier for you to do), I would be eternally grateful. I'm sure a significant number of your other followers would also be grateful.

you could use the old summoners quest approach honestly. btw while we are on topic when will SR continue

mac user here, I would also appreciate SQ approach

Will this game ever be out on mobile?

It is, but I'm afraid android version is for patreon supporters only.

hell yeah

I'd prefer the old summoner's quest route. The downloaded version's kind of buggy. The Beth quest line in particular only gives me a black screen whenever I go to Morty's room at night.

yeah the summoners quest approach is a good idea. Thanks in advance

i came for the summoner crap and thats what i wana see

When will the next update come pls

Working on it.

@AlbanerZockt @Ferdafs can i my saved status play in the new updates ?