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Rick and Morty - a way back home v1_7_0 January update

Posted by Ferdafs - January 31st, 2019


I'm currently in the process of changing the quest log for the game so this patch you're not going to be able to follow it.

Here's a mini walk-through on how to get the events:


-Keara event

(The event is called "The plasma in lava", you get it by talking to Rick in the garage. Once you're done talking to him, go to the park from the world map.) 

-Morticia dare (Technically Summer event)

(A new dare in the Truth or Dare game with Morticia. Click on "Steal Summer's bra" when you play truth or dare with Morticia during midnight.)

-Summer event

(You get this event by buying the 50$ new item from the devils shop. You continue by giving the item to Jessica.)

-Bathroom event

(You get this event by going to the Bathroom and taking a shower.)





Hey everyone!

Rick and Morty v1_7_0 is now available for public download on my blog!

Here are the new events and main patch notes for this version!

-Keara event

-Morticia dare (Technically Summer event)

-Summer event (Yes, there are 2 Summer events in this patch.)

-Bathroom event


In Smith's residence (Morty's home), if you slide the menu lower, now you'll see the option for the mind blowers. Currently all the previous paths are available but I'll fix that very soon. A very requested feature. Took me a while to add this, hopefully everything is working correctly.

Change log:

-Save text popup when you save 

(I know it's been hard to tell whether you're actually saving your game or not. Hopefully this will make it easier)

-Text outline 

(Another very requested feature in the game and it's finally here. Now even when you hide the ui border, the text sticks out.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game!



Comments (24)

A quick note I'd like to mention is I'm still working out on a way to post the game into parts for online play. I haven't forgotten it or anything, it just seems harder to pull off than I had originally thought.

Wow ok

and summoner quest?

I'm afraid R&M takes too much time to develop so I won't have time to work on Summoner's quest until I'm finished with it. That might be a long while from now.

if im on mac can i noy view your updated game?

I'll upload the mac update today.

if im on mac can i noy view your updated game?

Thank you for going through the effort to get it online for the people who can't download it. It doesn't go unnoticed

Found a bug: With the new Morticia dare (Summer event) if you choose the option to use feet, afterwards you can't do anything. I've done it at least twice and both times no more options pop up when you press any part of her body. Hope this helps.

Also, no Mindblowers for Morticia?

Also, I've read the previous comment about Summoner's Quest in this comment section. Really enjoyed all the chapters thus far, any ETA available on when work on it will resume/when R&M is "finished"?

if im on chrome can i download it

So hello i saw several posts talking bout patch 1.8.4f and new additions is this patch real or are we still in 1.7

Patreon version is on 1.8.4f, live public version is on 1.7.0, I'll make the patreon version public at the end of the month when I release the next patch.

More Stacy Content?

the blogpost link doesnt let me through because it has adult content. is there any way around this?

Just click on "I understand and I wish to continue"

How do I get it to work on Mac???

That I can't tell you I'm afraid. I don't have a mac so I have no idea how things work there.

but that doesnt pop

I would love to se a foot fetish animation in this game <3

next update
? ??

where is the new update

Still in progress.

is there a way to get it to work on chrome

how long to the next update

so when is the next patch after 1.7 going public?


is this a big update

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