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Rick and Morty_v1_9

Posted by Ferdafs - May 7th, 2019

Rick and Morty v1_9

Hey everyone, here's patch 1_9!

Hope you like it!


Comments (29)

I been waiting for this and now im waiting for school to end XD

I know this is wrong for what im about to ask because your the creator but. Could we finally get some morty and beth action and that morty is wake. It cool even if beth would be drunk and not remember anything.

That does exist already in the patch on patreon but that'll be published around next month.

@Ferdafs Okay thank you for answering

will you release a mac version? i cannot run it with wine due to directx 11

Interesting. :D Might be good to link to some kind of introductory post with these btw. No info at all on what this is really about... not that it's hard to backtrack a bit and find out.

DLing now...

Is this the right version? Your blog says v2_0

Hey mate! Just wondering, when will v2.0 be publicly released? Also your work has got me tempted to become a Patron! Keep up the good stuff bud!

Hey there, as soon as I post next patch on patreon 2_0 will be public!

please post mac version

i need help on even how to download this :L

When is Stacy content coming?

@donoban42 Downloading should be simple, click the link, wait for download, unpack with WinRaR or 7ZIP ( I strongly recommend 7zip), and voila, simply use the .exe file and it should work.

how do i run this its not a PC download?

Downloaded on Android but the file wouldn't extract. I can't play it :/

I need mac version to play this fantastic game. Will you release it?

Mac version is up on my blog. Enjoy!

Really Good!!!!!
There's a couple of quest updates for Summer that come up with Tricia instead and there's one bit in Summer's quest where Summer and Morty's names are attached to the wrong bits of dialogue.
But I love the whole Gazorpazorp quest!

about that. when there Summoner Quest Serie Continue?

Im on MAC and cant seem the get the patch to work. Can anyone help?

I just uploaded mac version 1.9 it's on my blog.

@indysurfin @Ferdafs Sorry didn't see that you had said that already but thank you for getting back to me!

@indysurfin @Ferdafs Actually went to the blog to try and download but chrome and firefox wouldn't work.

Do you think doing something between Morticia and Morty ?

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