My Little Pony game

2014-07-06 00:14:46 by Ferdafs

So I recently asked what kind of game we should make and a lot of you said My Little pony, so me and my girlfriend started brainstorming ideas and we even came up with some really good ones! Here are some designs I wanted to share with you (the looks are not final or anything )

 Fluttershy - Drawn by my gf 4045065_140462008441_ferdafs_fluttershy.jpg

Applejack -Drawn by yours truly 4045065_140462008311_ferdafs_applejack.jpg


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2014-07-08 08:41:40

oH! This is indeed very awesome, continue like this!


2014-07-09 09:04:43

Hmm Applejack looks nice (Fluttershy of course too but like Applejack more dunno why but both are awesome :D) i cant Wait to see Twilight Rarity Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie ^^

btw do you think that you could make Vinyl and Octavia? :D it would be epic ^^