My very first Troll/Hater!

2014-08-12 11:44:08 by Ferdafs

Today I got my very first Troll/Hater.I should be mad about it but honestly I'm just excited! I would like to show you a few of his posts.

-I think the fourth chr is ecchi bastarn it making it f*** you developer

-I was confused from the first one
I hope don't confused this again?

-f*** I don't know what happen in the last one >:(

I really don't understand what he says but it's cute. My kawai troll! He has written only 3 reviews in his entire life and they are all for me!

I don't want to show you guys who he is because I don't want him to get hated or anything. Plus feeding the trolls is wrong!

I just wanted to show off I guess.

A big thank you to everyone who support me and even the people who don't support me! I love you all!!! ^^


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2014-08-12 12:02:54

Hey there! I'm posting new art work and if you want to you can check it out. By the way nice post. ^^


2014-08-13 10:44:19

Kawaiiiii :333

Ferdafs responds:

Senpai noticed me! *kya*


2014-08-13 12:03:20

Honestly I'm surprised, I feel you're a good enough artist to where you've earned a few trolls at least. And I do mean that as a compliment.

Ferdafs responds:

Thank you! :D