News 01.08.2017

2017-07-31 21:31:02 by Ferdafs

Just posted the demo for the widowmaker game I've been working on. Hope you guys like the new improvements. I'll try to post the full game in 2 weeks after which I'll immediately start working on Summoner's Quest ch.9.7

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’ll try to reply asap.


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2017-08-01 00:16:06

I've just finished the demo and WOW! you've improved so much. I think your novels are gonna feel more alive with those animations, I can't wait to play your next game. And speaking of hype, Do you think SQ will be released this month? or we'll have to wait a couple of months before it's release?

I'm glad you take that step to Unity. Keep up the good work!

Ferdafs responds:

I'll be gone for 2 weeks after I release widowmaker so most likely be gone for 2 weeks, during which I'll work only on scripts so sadly there's time until summoners quest..


2017-08-01 01:52:21

You've got quite a few projects going on right now, do you have any sort of schedule planned out?

Ferdafs responds:

Widowmaker, Summoner's Quest and I'll see where I go from there. Will most likely work on either gravity falls, jesse's big secret or summoner's quest again.


2017-08-01 11:15:11

In the new demo, after i share the drink with widow, the screen goes black and the music keeps playing, is that supposed to happen or is there something mroe?

Ferdafs responds:

Yeah, that's when the demo ends. Don't worry, you should be able to play full version in 2 weeks.


2017-08-15 00:37:39

Is the widowmaker game out soon Ferdafs?

Ferdafs responds:

I have put a 13+ demo on Patreon but the complete game will be uploaded once I'm back home after bug tests(I'm currently at a different city but don't worry, I'm using this time to work on summoner's quest script. Thank you for your patience.


2017-08-18 05:22:16

When will you return to your hometown to release your much awaited game and how many weeks in general do you think before the new SQ comes out? sorry for the questions but I've been checking every day for a week and every week for a update since the last one and I'm like a excited puppy. Not sure if you get many female fans but I created an account due to playing one of your earlier games and have been hooked ever since. XD

Ferdafs responds:

Hey, I'll be home in a couple of days. I'm working on the summoners quest script as we speak. In general it used to take me about a month on Adobe flash to finish a game. I can't say for sure about Unity but should be around the same but hopefully less. Than you for your support and patience!


2017-08-18 13:14:02

I can't wait for more games to come out and I was also wondering will you come out another part of Don't let it go?


2017-08-22 00:15:46

Thank you very much^^


2017-08-28 14:14:48

Any idea when we can expect the Widowmaker game?

Ferdafs responds:



2017-08-30 15:05:09

"2 weeks", a entire month has passed xd

Ferdafs responds:

Haha, sorry about that. Due to some circumstances I had to travel so I couldn't finish the game on time as scheduled (Good news is I managed to work on summoner's quest script during that time). The Widowmaker game will be uploaded tomorrow after final tests.


2017-08-31 19:42:47

Are you still planning on release the game today?


2017-09-01 14:24:57

Relax guys, he said after he ran some final tests. My guess is that he ran into some things that didn't work/things he wanted to change so we get the same quality game we usually get, not rushed out.

Ferdafs responds:

Thank you for understanding.