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Ferdafs's News

Posted by Ferdafs - August 22nd, 2014

Hello my dear fans and not so dear ones(no just kidding I love you all (whether you like it or not (BITCH!)))! I just wanted you all to know, chapter 5 is turning out pretty awesome! Well it's more like I'm letting you know I'm working on the game whenever I'm free and I'm totally not being a lazy shit who's playing league all day because I can't get out of platinum... (I think I'm gonna go cry for a bit). Anyway, hopefully we'll release the game soon and you'll like it!


Posted by Ferdafs - August 12th, 2014

Today I got my very first Troll/Hater.I should be mad about it but honestly I'm just excited! I would like to show you a few of his posts.

-I think the fourth chr is ecchi bastarn it making it f*** you developer

-I was confused from the first one
I hope don't confused this again?

-f*** I don't know what happen in the last one >:(

I really don't understand what he says but it's cute. My kawai troll! He has written only 3 reviews in his entire life and they are all for me!

I don't want to show you guys who he is because I don't want him to get hated or anything. Plus feeding the trolls is wrong!

I just wanted to show off I guess.

A big thank you to everyone who support me and even the people who don't support me! I love you all!!! ^^

Posted by Ferdafs - August 7th, 2014

It's finally here! Chapter 4 is out but only 18+ for now.... I forgot you can only post 2 games per day...

Tomorrow I'll post the 13+

Hope you like!

P.S Make sure you check out the Sneak Peak for Chater 5!


Posted by Ferdafs - July 10th, 2014

As some of you may probably know I love both anime and cartoons but I was curious, which fandom do you belong to? And do you like anime? I love all kind of fandoms. Pokemon , Sonic, MLP, DC, Marvel... Actually I'll stop myself there I love way too many fandoms. Anyway enough about me though. Tell me which shows do you like? Which fandoms do you belong to? ^^ (And if you want to know about me, just ask!) ^^

Posted by Ferdafs - July 6th, 2014

So I recently asked what kind of game we should make and a lot of you said My Little pony, so me and my girlfriend started brainstorming ideas and we even came up with some really good ones! Here are some designs I wanted to share with you (the looks are not final or anything )

 Fluttershy - Drawn by my gf 4045065_140462008441_ferdafs_fluttershy.jpg

Applejack -Drawn by yours truly 4045065_140462008311_ferdafs_applejack.jpg

Posted by Ferdafs - June 17th, 2014

Hey everyone! Chapter 3 is finally released. Thank you all for your support while I was making the game. Hopefully you're reading this after you've played it.
Chapter 4 is on the making and I will release it very soon. (Yes it will have H scenes). Currently it's 8am (I haven't slept all night working on the game) I hope it doesn't have any bugs. Also, excuse me if I'm not making any sense at all... I'll read what I wrote here tomorrow and maybe edit it. I just really wanted to thank you all again. It's been a big support getting all this positive feedback. I'm glad people are actually enjoying the game.

Also, I'm thinking of starting a new project like Summoners quest, and since I love you all so much I've decided to let you guys help me pick the subject. It can be any fandom out there. I'm very open minded. My little Pony, Teen Titans or anything you like really. Any ideas are welcome!

Have a nice day/night! I'm going to bed!!!! ^^

Posted by Ferdafs - June 11th, 2014

Hey everyone! Just wanted to keep you guys updated about SQ:Ch.3

Honestly though, I want your opinion about what I'm about to say. A few of my friends saw the game and they think I should rewrite it... Reason being, there are no 18+ scenes in it.

Do you think I should rework on the whole chapter 3 because there are no 18+ scenes? Or should I stay true to the script I have in mind. I'm sure a lot less people will play chapter 3 if there is no nudity but should I really sellout ?

Chapter 3 is almost complete but I guess that also depends on what you guys think.